Spanking Escorts London

Spanking Escorts London

Spanking is a popular pastime in the adult entertainment industry. It’s OK for men, but many women are offended by this as it is considered to be an abusive act. Well, that’s not the case and here’s why spanking can be a good alternative to using another form of discipline.

The first thing you should know is that girls do not mind being spanked if it is done properly. This means you need to be patient when you are spanking your girl. In other words, you should not immediately go for the hard spanking that you saw on TV or saw on infomercials.

You need to take things slow with your girl because she might be very scared. Give her a chance to calm down and get her mind off of whatever issue she has been having. Don’t let her know that you are serious about spanking her until she tells you that she is totally comfortable with it. Then, you can start hitting her with just the right amount of pressure.

Also, try to have fun with your girl as you spank her. Girls love to be teased by their man and if you can keep this going, your girl will be more likely to be more open to other forms of discipline. So, instead of forcing her to accept the use of the paddle, enjoy the feeling of being on top of her.

As you spank your girl, it will not only help to show her that you love her but will also help to build trust between you. If she feels that you love her, she will be more open to your other techniques. She will feel less threatened by your threats to use the paddle, for example. And, of course, your girl will be more open to learning more spanking techniques as well.

Girl Chat: Does Spanking Work?

If you need a hard time, simply ask her if she wants to go shopping or if she would like to watch a movie. Or, you could send her out to the bedroom together. You could even do something as simple as laying down on the bed while she uses the paddle.

Try not to take things too fast with your girl. Do not spank her all at once but rather, go slow and gradually increase the speed as you go along. As she becomes more comfortable with the situation, she will want to take things a little faster. You want to make sure she gets used to the idea of you doing this.

You might want to try asking your girl what her idea of spanking is. Maybe it involves pushing a button or pinching her nose. Or, you might ask her what type of paddling she would prefer to do.

One of the things you want to avoid is using the paddle to physically hurt your girl. It is not necessary and it may result in your girl crying or not wanting to use the paddle at all. It is a psychological tactic and it is something that your girl may find painful.

Even though you don’t want to physically harm your girl, you also don’t want to do her any lasting damage. The key to this is to use the paddle as a psychological tactic. Even though it is physically painful, you don’t want to use the paddle too often because it might leave a scar.

If your girl is acting out in other ways, there are many ways you can correct that behavior. You could talk to her about the various issues she has and provide solutions. You could even take it into your own hands and begin thinking about how to fix some of the problems.

It is always a good idea to get together with your girl and figure out exactly what issues are bothering her. Find out what makes her happy and what will make her happy.